Hard for me…

Hey you , yes you
Let me tell you something
It’s hard for me to understand you
Describing you is difficult too

My dear ; yes you
You are typical traditional philosophy
And i am an illiterate
You are like joy of freedom
And i am a prisoner of lifetime
You look like rainbow
And i am like a pale yellowish wall
You are season of blossom
Who give life to all
And i am cold Harsh evening of December
You are rainfall
Who gave happiness to all
And i am like dessert of Sahara whom not everyone wanna see
You are just you
And no one like you

Yes you…

– Chhaya gautam

Published by CHHAYA GAUTAM'S BLOGS.....

Namaste 🙏 Welcome 🤗 Bhartiye-Delhite Writing is mine habit. Wana talk ..? Twitter- chhaya gautam

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