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GANDHI STUDY CIRCLE is a collection of people bearing different talents with one certain motive of achieving immense knowledge about Bapu – The Father of Nation. With Gandhi Study Circle scholars not only enhance their Gandhian skills but also get a direction for their various talents with the conduction of various quizzes, story-telling, poetry recitation as well as writing, open discussion. When it comes to our existence we brought ourselves ashore when we saw that the world desperately needed a median between right and left, that indeed was the Gandhian thought. We felt that the generations to come needed an ideal to not only read as a great human but also experience that person’s greatness. With the formation Gandhi Study Circle we get to implant the roots of revolution in a pacified demeanor.

Rajdhani College, University of Delhi is situated on Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Road), near Rajouri Garden and Raja Garden in west Delhi.In the session 2019-20, Gandhi Swadhyay Mandal [Gandhi Study Circle] organized many programs and other activities. These include lectures, recitation of Hind Swaraj , competitions, National seminar (Baapu 150), film presentations, visits to Gandhi ji related places and other activities.

Convener of the circle, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Giri along with Dr. Ved Mitra Shukla and Dr Varsha Gupta with their hard work has made this circle different from other circles. And yes the Students of Rajdhani College also made efforts for this.

And many others 

August Kranti Mahotsav

Gandhi Study Circle organized a two-day program on the occasion of August Kranti Mahotsav.The first day featured the film ‘Gandhi’ directed by director Richard Attenborough.The next day an essay writing competition was organized in which the best writing award was also given.Gandhi Study Circle organized a number of essay competitions last year in which not only Rajdhani College but also many students of Delhi University and other universities participated in large numbers.


Pehla Satyagrahi

Gandhi Study Circle never retreats to show films related to Gandhiji or the drama related to him. Due to this initiative, dramas based on Gandhiji is also being brought to vogue . Members of Gandhi Study Circle went to the National School of Drama, Mandi House to watch the drama ‘Pehla Satyagrahi’ directed by Dr. Suresh Sharma.


“राष्ट्रपिता के पास एक दिन”

Last September, a day was dedicated to Gandhiji. The students of Gandhi Study Circle and other students visited Rajghat, Gandhi Darshan, National Gandhi Museum and Gandhi Peace Foundation.
Director of Gandhi Museum and President of Gandhi Peace Foundation, Mr. Kumar Prashant spoke to the students there.

Ba-Bapu 150

A three-day (24-26 September 2019) national seminar, Ba-Bapu 150, was also organized by Gandhi Study Circle under the joint aegis of All India Radio, National Gandhi Museum, Gandhi Nidhi and Darshan Samiti and Gandhi Peace Foundation. In which Ms. Radhabahan Bhatt, Mr. Rahul Dev, Mr. Vaibhav Srivastava, Professor V.K. Kaul, Ms. Ilma Afroz, Mr. Ramchandra Rahi, Mr. Kumar Prashanth, Mr. Faisal Khan, Professor Vipin Tripathi, Professor Ramesh Bhardwaj, Mr. Prem Prakash etc. were present. Along with this, Veena playing of Ms. Saraswati Rajagopalan was also performed. More than 300 students registered their attendance at the event.

A two-day program was organized on 31 October and 1 November on the occasion of Unity Day. On the first day, a discussion was held. In which children participated with great enthusiasm. On the second day, a lecture on the topic ‘Gandhi and Sardar Patel’ was organized. The chief guest of the program was Dr. Neerja Singh, Department of History, Satyavati College.


Gandhi Study Circle,Rajdhani College tries every possible way to convey Gandhiji and his ideas to the people. Gandhi Swadhyay Mandal also organized a 3-day camp in Bajju, Bikaner (Rajasthan) during the winter vacation in December.
In the camp, students were informed about several group activities. The work that the URMUL committee is doing in the rural environment at the grassroots level has been described as practical,No fee was charged for the camp, the students only paid the rail and bus fare for the journey.The camp was held from 23 to 25 December 2019.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 

-Mahatma Gandhi ji 

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