Today is Friday, if it were an old world, many movies would have been released today. But nothing like this is happening in this new normal. We cannot do those old weekend activities anymore. But in the last few months, we have become used to it.
But who i am , i forgot to introduce my self as like always. So am a 20 year old Delhiite and many people use wrong spelling of it. Final year student of Delhi University.So what do i read History hons. , yeah i know it’s lil bit bore for so many people but it’s actually not and with the combination of Pol.Science it will never bore you but may be you like any other subject or may be you don’t like anyone among them. But we take some dicisions which were never expected from us, coz i was not a student of it . Then suddenly i fall for it .So for others i am a fool who took this kind of decision for no reason and may be they are right that took this step for no reason but that doesn’t mean that m a fool . I love ancient things,and my friends always say this that you are in wrong century. And after watching Corona i also thinks the same.
Everything was going good , soon i was going to complete mine graduation.Future plans ,my bucket list was ready and then suddenly we got the news that world is going to lock,and i was it is a nightmare and next morning everything gonna fine as like yesterday. And yes my friends were right am actually a fool , Coz it was not a nightmare.
Many places where i wanna go out was locked, we cannot go out of city anymore, no more public gathering etc.etc. and now after more than 4 months we calling it new normal , which is still hard to digest.
Delhi without metro …..ummm i never thought of it . No more classroom study ,i never expected my last semester as like that and s many other final year students also never expected that and more worst is graduation with a delayed degree, multiple time exams postponed , online farewell etc. is heart breaking. Everyone wanna delete this year. Everyone wishes if we could delete this year we will delete.
I think its enough for today ….get to go

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