Featuring – ठहRAAV (N.G.O for mental health)

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” – World Health Organisation (W.H.O.)

Depression is a common illness worldwide, occurring in all age groups, including infants. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization, 322 million people, amounting to 4.4% of the world population, suffer from depression.Depression is one of the leading causes of disease burden worldwide and is ranked as the second leading cause of disability. It is also considered as a major contributor to the global burden of diseases. Over the years, it is recognized that the age of onset of depression is decreasing, and it is now increasingly being recognized in children and adolescents.

How does depression affect the body?

Depression forces the body and the brain into a death trap. These stages have also been compared to severe forms of trauma and can be difficult to recover from. When the brain, pushed into extreme negativity declines its functioning power. Usually, the brain is equipped of handling stressful situations by releasing a high level of dopamine which pushes a person back to normal. When extreme depression hits the part of the brain which controls emotions and motivation, dopamine production goes for a toss making it hard for the body to process negativity.

There’s no easy cure for depression but support and therapy is one of the most effective cures for depression. Often confused with sadness and pessimism, it is easy to mistake this mental disorder for just a “low point” in life. People experiencing depression can undergo intense emotions of anxiety, hopelessness, negativity and helplessness. Loved ones, caring for someone with depression, should get alert if they notice signs of severe depression, such as alcohol or drug abuse, sleep disturbance, thoughts of death or suicide or suicide attempts.

India is the 6th most depressed country: WHO report {Times of India}

Mental health in India:

In India, WHO estimates that the burden of mental health problems is of the tune of 2,443 DALYs per 100,000 population , and the age-adjusted suicide rate per 100,000 population is 21.1. It is estimated that, in India, the economic loss, due to mental health conditions, between 2012-2030, is 1.03 trillions of 2010 dollars.

Mental health workforce in India (per 100,000 population) include psychiatrists (0.3), nurses (0.12), psychologists (0.07) and social workers (0.07).

Need Help visit Thehraav [N.G.O.]

There is THEHRAAV (N.G.O) that is trying to aware people about mental health , I was talking with it’s founder  Annanya Kakkar a teen who is pursuing graduation from Delhi University.

When I asked her objective behind this N.G.O She told me that troubles come into everyone’s life, it does not mean that we quit living, instead of this we can find out solutions. Suicide is very wrong. Our religious texts tell us how difficult it is to born as a human being ,still people do not value their life.

She also told me that everyone cannot afford fee of a counselor, that’s why we want to provide a free counselor for everyone those who are in trouble.

This place will not charge a single rupee from you.


Today is Friday, if it were an old world, many movies would have been released today. But nothing like this is happening in this new normal. We cannot do those old weekend activities anymore. But in the last few months, we have become used to it.
But who i am , i forgot to introduce my self as like always. So am a 20 year old Delhiite and many people use wrong spelling of it. Final year student of Delhi University.So what do i read History hons. , yeah i know it’s lil bit bore for so many people but it’s actually not and with the combination of Pol.Science it will never bore you but may be you like any other subject or may be you don’t like anyone among them. But we take some dicisions which were never expected from us, coz i was not a student of it . Then suddenly i fall for it .So for others i am a fool who took this kind of decision for no reason and may be they are right that took this step for no reason but that doesn’t mean that m a fool . I love ancient things,and my friends always say this that you are in wrong century. And after watching Corona i also thinks the same.
Everything was going good , soon i was going to complete mine graduation.Future plans ,my bucket list was ready and then suddenly we got the news that world is going to lock,and i was it is a nightmare and next morning everything gonna fine as like yesterday. And yes my friends were right am actually a fool , Coz it was not a nightmare.
Many places where i wanna go out was locked, we cannot go out of city anymore, no more public gathering etc.etc. and now after more than 4 months we calling it new normal , which is still hard to digest.
Delhi without metro …..ummm i never thought of it . No more classroom study ,i never expected my last semester as like that and s many other final year students also never expected that and more worst is graduation with a delayed degree, multiple time exams postponed , online farewell etc. is heart breaking. Everyone wanna delete this year. Everyone wishes if we could delete this year we will delete.
I think its enough for today ….get to go

National War Memorial -India

The National War Memorial is a monument built by the Government of India near India Gate, New Delhi, to honour the Indian Armed Forces. The memorial is spread over 40 acres of land and is built around the existing chhatri (canopy) near India Gate. The memorial wall is flushed with the ground and in harmony with existing aesthetics. The names of armed forces personnel martyred during the armed conflicts are inscribed on the memorial walls.


The innermost structure of the National War Memorial (India) complex, called the Amar Chakra (Circle of Immortality). The other structures in the entire Memorial complex are

The outermost Rakshak Chakra comprises of rows of more than 600 trees, each tree symbolizing the many soldiers guarding the national solidarity of India – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Paying homage to the 25,942 war casualties, the 16 walls in the Tyag Chakra have their names inscribed in gold, on granite tablets arranged in the Chakravyuh fashion of ancient Indian warfare.

The Veerta Chakra is made up of six murals crafted by eminent sculptor Ram Sutar, depicting renowned battles fought by the defence services.

The innermost Amar Chakra comprises of the 15.5 meters’ tall obelisk topped with an Ashokan capital with the base engraved with the famous couplet “Shaheed ki mazron par”. An eternal flame beside the Amar Jawan Jyoti shall burn here on.

A bordering area has been marked as Param Yoddha Sthal, showcasing the busts of the 21 Param Vir Chakra awardees, with the busts of three living awardees as well.

Delhi's National War Memorial now open: photos and other details | Condé  Nast Traveller India | India

National War Memorial entry fee and timings

While the entry to the War Memorial is free of cost, there is a restriction of up to 250 visitors only at one time.You can visit the National War Memorial from 9 am to 6:30 pm (November to March) and from 9 am to 7:30 pm (April to October).

You can go there with the help of different means of transportation. Will suggest you go in the evening ,so you can enjoy Retreat drill just before Sunset {daily}.


India or family first?' PM Modi slams Congress at National War Memorial  launch - Oneindia News

How to reach


  • IGI Airport, Palam – 20 kms
  • New Delhi Railway Station – 05 kms
  • From ISBT, Kashemere Gate – 08 kms
  • From ISBT, Anand Vihar – 14 kms.

Nearest Metro stations

  • Violet Line : Khan Market 2 km, Janpath 2 km
  • Yellow Line : Udyog Bhawan 2.5 km, Central Secretariat 2.5 km
  • Blue Line : Mandi House 1.5 km, Pragati Maidan 2.5 km.

Nearest DTC Bus Stop

  • Baroda House – 800 mtr


Gallery of National War Memorial, New Delhi India / WeBe Design Lab - 14


चमन-बहार ?

Chaman Bahar Movie Review | Chaman Bahar Netflix Review

ओटीटी पर रिलीज चमन-बहार – 19 जून की रात 12 बजे फिल्म नेटफ्लिक्स पर आई 

लेखक और निर्देशक – अपूर्व धर बड़गियन (Apurv Dhar Badgaiyann)

चमन- बहार के मुख्य पात्र 

बिल्लू – जितेंद्र कुमार

रिंकू – रितिका बदियानी

शैला भैया – आलम खान

सोमू – भुवन अरोरा

छोटू – धीरेन्द्र तिवारी

आशु भैया -अश्वनी कुमार


बिल्लू के पिताजी चाहतें है कि वन विभाग में चौकीदारी को अगली पीड़ी को दे दिया जाए|क्योंकि अब लड़का कमाने लायक हो गया है घर में चार पैसे ज़्यादा आयें|इसी के चलते रात की चौकीदारी पर बिल्लू को लगा दिया जाता है लेकिन वहाँ कुछ हो जाता है जिसके चलते वो नोकरी छोड़ देता है|और साथ ही बिल्लू गाँव में अपना नाम भी करना चाहता है जिसके लिए एक पान की दुकान खोल लेता है  जिसका नाम रखा जाता है चमन-बहार|दुकान ऐसी जगह है जहां मक्खी और गाँव के कुत्तों के अलावा कोई नहीं भटकता|

Chaman Bahaar (2020) Netflix Review: A Docile Paanwala To An ...



रिंकू दुकान के सामने वले घर में रहने आती है सड़क के इस पार बिल्लू पनवाड़ी है। उसका आना बहार ले आता है मौसम वाली नहीं गाँव के लफ़ंडरों वाली बहार या ज्वार भाटा कहना ठीक होगा जो रिंकू के आने-जाने से आता जाता है|और रिंकू को बार-बार देखने के लिए दुकान पर जमघट लगाएं बैठे रहतें हैं|साधारण परिस्थितियों में जब एक अनार और 100 बीमार होते है तो अनार को पता होता है कि उसके सो बीमार हैं और उन 100 में से कोई एक तो अनार मिलता ही है| विद्यालय के लड़कों से लेकर अध्यापक और गाँव के युवा नेता से लेकर वन विभाग के अफसर का लड़का भी उसी के पीछे पड़ा है गाँव का ट्रेंडिंग क्रश दिखाया गया है रिंकू को|

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मुहावरा है 2 बिल्लियों कि लड़ाई में फायदा हमेशा बंदर का होता है तो हमारे छोटू और सोमू है बंदर जो फायदा उठा रहें हैं लेकिन बिल्लियाँ 2 से अधिक है बहुत सी जगह दोस्तों को यार यार करके संबोधित किया जाता है लेकिन यहाँ डैडी बोला गया है जो इनके वार्तालाप को और मनोरंजक बनाता है|बिल्लू के रिंकू के प्यार में पड़ने के बाद आता है कहानी में मोड़ आता है , आशु भईया और शैला भैया की दुश्मनी भी मनोरंजक है |फिल्म में पान की दुकान एक्स्प्रेस रेल से भी तेज रफ़्तार में छिछोरों का अड्डा बन जाती है जिसमें मनोरंजन के लिए केरम बोट रख दिया जाता है जो अपने आप में एक कांड था| बिल्लू उसकी चमन – बहार को छिछोरी का अड्डा बनने से रोकने कोशिश करता है लेकिन फिर वो भी इस रोग का शिकार हो ही जाता है और कांड कर बैठता है और अंत में सबसे बड़ा बम भी उस पर ही फूटता है|फिल्म में एक बाबा है जिनसे बिल्लू को समझ आता है कि वो रिंकू के प्यार में है | चमन बहार  6 गाने है जिन्हे कहानी की ही भाषा में लिखा गया है |

सोमू और छोटू नई तरकीब लगते हुए 
Chaman Bahaar Review: Jitendra Kumar's impeccable act is the high ...
दरोगा बिल्लू को पीटते हुए 

बड़े शहरों के विपरीत ये कहानी हमें बहुत कुछ अलग दिखाती है, भाषा का खास ध्यान रखा गया है | अगर आप  गाँव से है तो यह आपको अपने गाँव की याद दिला देगी|फिल्म में रिंकू का एक भी डायलॉग नहीं है | रिंकू के आस- पास घूमती कहानी में रिंकू का ही पात्र ही सबसे कम दिखता है |अब प्रश्न हैं बिल्लू ने नौकरी क्यू छोड़ी, रिंकू किसे मिली,आशु और शैला की दुश्मनी कहाँ तक गई , छोटू और सोमू ने किस किस का फायदा उठाया और हमारे बिल्लू और चमन-बाहर का क्या हुआ ? जिसके लिए आपको ये फिल्म देखनी पड़ेगी, जिससे इन सवालों के उत्तर मिल सकें|  

Featuring – Gandhi Study Circle , Rajdhani College University of Delhi

GANDHI STUDY CIRCLE is a collection of people bearing different talents with one certain motive of achieving immense knowledge about Bapu – The Father of Nation. With Gandhi Study Circle scholars not only enhance their Gandhian skills but also get a direction for their various talents with the conduction of various quizzes, story-telling, poetry recitation as well as writing, open discussion. When it comes to our existence we brought ourselves ashore when we saw that the world desperately needed a median between right and left, that indeed was the Gandhian thought. We felt that the generations to come needed an ideal to not only read as a great human but also experience that person’s greatness. With the formation Gandhi Study Circle we get to implant the roots of revolution in a pacified demeanor.

Rajdhani College, University of Delhi is situated on Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Road), near Rajouri Garden and Raja Garden in west Delhi.In the session 2019-20, Gandhi Swadhyay Mandal [Gandhi Study Circle] organized many programs and other activities. These include lectures, recitation of Hind Swaraj , competitions, National seminar (Baapu 150), film presentations, visits to Gandhi ji related places and other activities.

Convener of the circle, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Giri along with Dr. Ved Mitra Shukla and Dr Varsha Gupta with their hard work has made this circle different from other circles. And yes the Students of Rajdhani College also made efforts for this.

And many others 

August Kranti Mahotsav

Gandhi Study Circle organized a two-day program on the occasion of August Kranti Mahotsav.The first day featured the film ‘Gandhi’ directed by director Richard Attenborough.The next day an essay writing competition was organized in which the best writing award was also given.Gandhi Study Circle organized a number of essay competitions last year in which not only Rajdhani College but also many students of Delhi University and other universities participated in large numbers.


Pehla Satyagrahi

Gandhi Study Circle never retreats to show films related to Gandhiji or the drama related to him. Due to this initiative, dramas based on Gandhiji is also being brought to vogue . Members of Gandhi Study Circle went to the National School of Drama, Mandi House to watch the drama ‘Pehla Satyagrahi’ directed by Dr. Suresh Sharma.


“राष्ट्रपिता के पास एक दिन”

Last September, a day was dedicated to Gandhiji. The students of Gandhi Study Circle and other students visited Rajghat, Gandhi Darshan, National Gandhi Museum and Gandhi Peace Foundation.
Director of Gandhi Museum and President of Gandhi Peace Foundation, Mr. Kumar Prashant spoke to the students there.

Ba-Bapu 150

A three-day (24-26 September 2019) national seminar, Ba-Bapu 150, was also organized by Gandhi Study Circle under the joint aegis of All India Radio, National Gandhi Museum, Gandhi Nidhi and Darshan Samiti and Gandhi Peace Foundation. In which Ms. Radhabahan Bhatt, Mr. Rahul Dev, Mr. Vaibhav Srivastava, Professor V.K. Kaul, Ms. Ilma Afroz, Mr. Ramchandra Rahi, Mr. Kumar Prashanth, Mr. Faisal Khan, Professor Vipin Tripathi, Professor Ramesh Bhardwaj, Mr. Prem Prakash etc. were present. Along with this, Veena playing of Ms. Saraswati Rajagopalan was also performed. More than 300 students registered their attendance at the event.

A two-day program was organized on 31 October and 1 November on the occasion of Unity Day. On the first day, a discussion was held. In which children participated with great enthusiasm. On the second day, a lecture on the topic ‘Gandhi and Sardar Patel’ was organized. The chief guest of the program was Dr. Neerja Singh, Department of History, Satyavati College.


Gandhi Study Circle,Rajdhani College tries every possible way to convey Gandhiji and his ideas to the people. Gandhi Swadhyay Mandal also organized a 3-day camp in Bajju, Bikaner (Rajasthan) during the winter vacation in December.
In the camp, students were informed about several group activities. The work that the URMUL committee is doing in the rural environment at the grassroots level has been described as practical,No fee was charged for the camp, the students only paid the rail and bus fare for the journey.The camp was held from 23 to 25 December 2019.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 

-Mahatma Gandhi ji 

प्रेम में डूबे इंसान को सभी प्रेम में नज़र आते हैं -1 ✍छाया गौतम “त्रासदी”

प्रेम में डूबे इंसान को अपने चारों ओर प्रेम दिखता है ,उसे छोटी से छोटी चीजों में भी खुशी मिलती हैं और चलती हवा लगती है कोई सरगम, होश ही नहीं रहता दिन-रात का बस सब अच्छा लगने लगता है और सब हसीन सपने एक साथ सच हो रहें होते है | जीव कोई भी हो उसे प्रेम में ही दिखता है|शायद हमें भी पिछले दिनों ये आभास इसी कारण हुआ,लेकिन स्पष्ट रूप से कभी भी कुछ कहना मेरे लिए कठीन ही रहा हैं

कुछ दिन पहले घर में एक cockroach दिखा कहाँ से आया नहीं पता,कब आया नहीं पता | लेकिन उसे देख कर बुरा नहीं लगा, डर नहीं लगा| क्योंकि कोई नया चेहरा बड़े दिनों बाद दिखा घर में, इसलिए अच्छा लगा देख कर |

लेकिन मम्मी को अच्छा नहीं लगा बहुत से लोगों को नहीं लगता| लेकिन फिर भी घर की उन सभी निर्जीव वस्तुओं में उस नन्ही जान को देख कर अच्छा लगा या फिर शायद मुझे किसी को देख कर बुरा ही नहीं लगता| उस cockroach को यूं ही घर में छोड़ नहीं सकते थे | इसलिए फिर मम्मी ने वो किया जो कोई भी समान्य इंसान करता…..

आप गलत सोच रहें हैं मम्मी ने उसे नहीं मारा गया ,उस पर कोई झाड़ू नहीं चली,ना ही कोई ज़हर दिया गया | मेरी आदत को जानते हुए मेरी नज़रों के सामने ऐसा कोई नहीं कर सकता| मम्मी ने उठाया उसे कागज के टुकड़े पर और जा कर रख आई घर से दूर जहा वो आज़ाद रहता और हमसे दूर भी |

लेकिन कहानी तो अब शुरू हुई थी , मम्मी जैसे ही घर वापिस आयीं एक cockroach मम्मी के कंधे पर आकार बैठ गया |हस्ते हुए मैंने कहा “मम्मी इसे छोड़ने गई थी या दोस्ती करने … लेकिन अच्छा ही हुआ आप दोनों की दोस्ती हो गई|अब ये भी हमारे साथा रह सकता है |”

मम्मी उसे देख कर असमंजस में थी या शायद दुख या डर का एक मिश्रित भाव……बहरहाल मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा था | अगर मम्मी थोड़ी ऐक्टिंग करना जानती तो शायद थोड़े अच्छे से नजाव देतीं | लेकिन इतने में ही ये सिलसिला नहीं रुका मम्मी ने दुपपट्टा हिलाया तब वो जमीन पर गिर गया और घर के किसी सरकने कोने में गायब हो गया | ये घटनाए आगे 2-4 रोज़ तक हुई जाने कहाँ से मम्मी के पास एक cockroach आ जाता और मम्मी पर आ बैठता , हम मम्मी का मज़ाक उड़ाने लगे थे कि पापा को काम्पिटिशन मिल रहा हैं आपको कोई उनसे ज़्यादा चाहने लगा हैं |

फिर अगले 2 दिन वो नहीं दिखा मन उदास होने लगा कि पता नहीं कहा चल गया नन्हा मेहमान   फिर एक दिन घर में दो cockroach साथा देखे गए उनमें सें एक का 1 पैर कम था ये वही cockroach था अजिसे मम्मी ने घर के बाहर फेक दिया था लेकिन दूसरा वाला काक्रोच था जो मम्मी के ऊपर आ बैठता था

शायद ये जोड़े में रहते थे जो मम्मी ने अनजाने में खराब कर दिया थे , अब ये cockroach साथा रहते हैं कि नहीं वो तो विज्ञान ही बता सकता था | लेकिन मेरे मनोविज्ञान के अनुसार ये प्यार था और अब समझ नहीं या रहा था कि मम्मी को दूसरा cockroach इतना तंग क्यों कर रहा था|

हमारे चारों ओर प्रेम हैं बस देखने की ज़रूरत हैं जब आपको कोई cockroach दिखे तो उसे मारना नहीं बस आपकी तसल्ली के लिए घर से निकाल देना|

जल्द पार्ट-2



तुम्हें थोड़ा और देखना चाहिए था

तुम्हें थोड़ा और देखना चाहिए था

तुम्हारे उभारों को

मन की पोपली सतह को

जिसमे उमीद बोई जा सकती है

व्यक्तित्व के सभी स्तंभों को

तुम्हारे आदर्शों को

मेरे द्वारा

तुम्हारे विश्लेषण में अछूत रखी गई

सभी कलाओं को

संज्ञा विहीन हमारी क्रियाओं को

उन सभी सर्वनामों को

जिन्हे सिर्फ हमनें इस्तेमाल

मुझे देखना चाहिए था

थोड़ी और गहराई से

तब शायद मुझे दिखता

एक मासूम बच्चा

जो डर जाता है हिंसा देख

जिसे लेखन की सभी विधाएं आती है

परंतु राजनीति नहीं आती |

@त्रासदी (छाया गौतम )

दिल्ली ,भारत |

Featuring BUNIYAAD- The Dramatics Society of Vivekananda College,Delhi University


“We at buniyaad try to create a change in a person’s life, thought process and ideology towards social injustice” – BUNIYAAD

Buniyaad -Dramatics Society of  College, Vivek Vihar  University of Delhi was established in the year 2009. It was created in collaboration of Teachers – Mr. Mukesh Burnwal,Mr. Anup Thapa,Mr.Vipul Pachori and Students-Shivani Arora,Nikhar Khanna,Shreya Vats,Teena Kadam. It is the most active society of Vivekananda College,Vivek Vihar ,University of Delhi. For last 4 year Buniyaad is working under the Guidance of their director Mr. Amit Tiwari.

Every year Buniyaad give chance to the student’s of their College to join them in months of July-August. It’s a Street Play Society.


53052509_2176636255708393_6873593732701093888_nZehniyat is Annual Street Play Competition organised by Buniyaad Every year in Vivekananda College.


MASHAAL-A Social Awareness Campaign

Mashaal was introduced by buniyaad and their director Mr. Amit Tiwari to bring a change in the society by actually working for those who are in a need of help.
Being a college society their soul purpose is not only to win the competition but also to work for the society by collecting donations by their performances and reach to the helpless people.
For this cause they also collaborate with different NGO’S many a times to make their campaign more effective and helpful.


Buniyaad “THE SILENT TREATMENT at slum near Rangmahal Apartments , Pitampura to aware people about menstrual hygiene in 2019 , they gave Toiletries and Sanitary napkins to the poor people.



In 2018 Buniyaad collaborated with UMEED – A DROP OF HOPE [N.G.O.] who organized Buniyaad’s public performance and Buniyaad distributed sanitary napkins after the performance


This year they also collaborated with different NGO’S from different cities to reach maximum people in the time of pandemic.
They donated amount to the NGO’S to not only provide food to humans but also to animals.
They introduced NIVALA under the social campaign MASHAAL and touched around 700 families by providing them food kits.



UDAAN-Youth Festival 

They have been receiving position in Udaan for 4 consecutive years

In the year 2018 – 3rd Position

 In the year 2019-1st Position

In the year 2020- 2nd position

Ans also won 3rd position in the year 2016.

Buniyaad’s Annual Production of  2017-18 “”THE SILENT TREATMENT”

This play was about Menstrual Hygiene.



Buniyaad also performed   ” THE SILENT TREATMENT ” on the inauguration ceremony of the campaign #YESIBLEED powered by Shewings in association with Women and Child Development Committee, Ph.D Chamber. Chief guests was Smt. Maneka Gandhi , Smt. Divya Dutta and others for a social cause of spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene in the country.

Buniyaad performed in front of Mr. Akshay Kumar at Women Marathon season 4 organized at Faculty of Music & Fine Arts and same year 1st Position in ANHAD- Street Theater Festival of St.Stephens College,1st Position in Annual Cultural Festival of I.T.S. Mohan Nagar, 1st Position at Pukaar – The Street Play Event of Jamia Milia Islamia, 1st Position in Mahanatya – The Street Play Event of Indian Institute of Mass Communication – IIMC, Southern Regional Campus, 2nd  Position at NAZARIYA – The Street Play Event of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College ,one of it’s members Aditi Chauhan was awarded with the Best Actor award and Play was awarded with Best Script Award, special mention at BHUMIKA-The StreetPlay Event of Motilal Nehru College ( Eve), 2nd GENESIS – The Street Theatre Event of Shyamlal College (eve.) , Best Script in “Street Struck-The Street Theater Festival’ of Rangmanch:The Dramatics Society Of Aryabhatta College, 3rd Position at ZEENAT’18 – Zakir Hussain College ( E) and  Buniyaad got special mention in SPANDAN’18, New Delhi Institute of Management, the Best Direction Award in KOLAHAL’18 – The Annual Street Play Event of Rajdhani College and also Performed at “Advitiya’18 – Youth Forum of 8th Theater Olympics”, National School of Drama on 22nd February, 2018.




Buniyaad’s Annual production of 2018-19  “PEHCHAN-E-KARWAN”


1st Position at AAKROSH-The Street Play event of Bennett University,1st Position at Confluence’19’-the Street Play event of NIT Kurukshetra University,1st UDBHAV- the Cultural event of Indraprastha Engineering College, 1st Position at Scintilla – the Cultural Festival of Jaipuria School of Business,1st Position at the Street Play Event organized in Revamp – 2019, the Annual Fest of Krishna Engineering College, 2nd Position at NUKKADSHALA- The Street Play event organised by Astitva- the Street Play Society of BRAC as a part of COMMCOTERIE’19- annual commerce fest of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College,2nd Position at ‘Genero’-the Street Play event of ABES Engineering College, 3rd Position at HALLA BOL- the Street Play event of SRM University Ghaziabad,3rd at KOLAHAL’19- Street Play Event organised by Tryambakam- the Street Play Society of Rajdhani College, 3rd at DASTAAN- The Street Play event of St. Stephan’s College,and performed at National School of Drama in 20th Bharat Rang Mahotsav on 16th February,2019.


Buniyaad’s Annual production of 2019-20 “BABLU-The Painter”

They performed at so many places with BABLU- The Painter and won many awards few of them are Best Theme Award in BADLAV 2020 and it’s President Priyanshi Vikram won the “Best Actor Award(Female)”and one of the Team members Ishita Chopra also won the award for “Power Packed Performer”, 2nd Position at MADARI- organised by the Delhi University Students’ Union,Special mention at HUMIKA 2020 – the Annual Street Play festival of Moti Lal Nehru College (E),SPECTRUM – the Street Play Event of NIFT Delhi and got an honourable mention from the judges and also performed at National School of Drama in 21st Bharat Rang Mahotsav on 11th February,2020.


It is not possible to conclude Buniyaad’s achievements in one blog. I tried to sum up most of the activities of Buniyaad .


World Environment Day

हमें मिलना था

आज से 100 वर्ष पहले

जब नहीं होती

ये बड़ी बड़ी इमारतें

हमारे मकान नहीं

छोटे-छोटे घर होते

जब नहीं होती

हवाएं ज़हरीली

हम सांस लेते खुली हवा में

और ना ही होती

शहर जाती पक्की सड़के

कच्ची पगडंडियों से

हम घर जाते ना की शहर

हरयाली को देख

नदी किनारे बैठते

क्योंकि वो नाला नहीं होती

ये आधुनिक पार्क नहीं होते

हम मिलते किसी बाग में

जहां लगे होते अनगिनत पेड़

दौड़ते-गिरते चोट नहीं लगती

छाँव के लिए छाता नहीं

पेड़ चाहिए होता है

ये भी पता होता हमें

संगीत प्रकृति सुनाती

गीतकार पक्षी होते

अगर हम मिलते 100 वर्ष पूर्व

by chhaya gautam


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